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20 things you didn t know about fast food eat this not that - strange but true even if you generally eat a healthy diet consuming fast food can increase your risk for depression according to a public health nutrition study of nearly 9 000 participants in fact those who eat greasy burgers hot dogs and fries are 51 percent more likely to develop depression that those who don t indulge, you need a key card to get in but not to get out - may the comic sans and lens flares flow unfiltered this subreddit is dedicated to calling out crappy design it s a dirty job but someone s got to do it you need to do it because you re a patriot dammit, i thought you all might like my nuka cola quantum guitar - it s a fiber optic strand you can cut to length and a aa power source the black box on the side i just ca glued it to the edge in certain spots and when it was done i ran a small bead of hot glue and the inside edge fyi the circuit in the power box made a beeping humming noise that was audible when the guitar was plugged in, easyup let s get you flying - get the first few chapters of going up in a parachute free you may like what you learn we give it away in the hopes you will like what you see and come back to order more, evilwins would you like to be shipped - would you like to be shipped i ve seen lots of people do this on their blogs and i think it d be fun for me and you guys send with this info fandom sexuality gender name physical description, music music news new songs videos music shows and - get the latest music news watch video clips from music shows events and exclusive performances from your favorite artists discover new music on mtv, guy kawasaki the art of creating a community - great post guy i just finished reading the community section in the art of the start last night one thing we re grappling with is how to prevent the community from ending up with pissing matches and public conflicts between members who have humility issues when it comes to allowing room for multiple opinions etc, technology and science news abc news - snapchat s new photo filter that allows users to change into a man or woman with the tap of a finger is not necessarily fun and games for transgender, design and the green new deal placesjournal org - ian mcharg courtesy of the architectural archives of the university of pennsylvania in 1969 ian mcharg published design with nature which famously argued that landscape architects must become the steward s of the biosphere 4 since then an entire genre of self important design writing and advocacy has emerged from the premise that social and ecological crises are best addressed, all the reasons why you need to purify drinking water - you know you need to filter treat or boil water you find in the wilderness but why well there s a number of answers starting with words like e coli hepatitis a giardia and cryptosporidiosis, space warship design the weird world of winchell chung - pineconez second law assuming a techlevel more advanced than nearfuture i e interstellar or extremely cheap interplanetary travel exists there will exist no true warship which will not also be capable of single handedly exterminating an entire continent be it via nukes kinetics or handwavium bombs corollary if you are able to intercept and kill another warship across a star system, the tragic birth of fm radio damn interesting - armstrong fm tower in new jersey armstrong went on to prove that fm was capable of dual channel transmissions allowing for stereo sound this capability of fm could also be used to send two separate non stereo programs or a facsimile and telegraph message simultaneously in a process called multiplexing he even successfully bounced a fm signal off the moon something not possible with am, gym strong versus real life strength lean hybrid muscle - ok this is super funny that you sent out an email with old man strength in the subject line here s the story a few months ago i was trying out a new mma place here in fl, international news latest world news videos photos - get the latest international news and world events from asia europe the middle east and more see world news photos and videos at abcnews com, how to build a garage from the ground up 15 steps with - how to build a garage from the ground up need some workshop space a fortress of solitude or a place to house your beer fridge a new spacious garage is the answer and this is the instructable to make it possible as a new homeowner and avid diy type guy i was up against a big challen, from concept to reality the hoonicorn rtr build story - a mustang rtr like never before what s up speedhunters i am pumped to share some of the finer details around the hoonicorn rtr that asd motorsports and rtr built for my good friend ken block so that he could shred downtown la for gymkhana seven if you haven t seen it yet unlikely we know here s a link for your enjoyment there is simply too much to share about this car and build, best damn wow hunter macro collection on the web - i general hunter macros the following list contains a whole slew of useful macros for hunters i don t use all of them myself but i can confirm that they are current and functional as of patch 6 0 2 the list contains macros that are applicable to all builds and play styles as well as talent specific pvp oriented engineering only and other miscellaneous macros, targeted individuals how to stop electronic harassment - targeted individuals how to stop electronic harassment via nano fungal infection editor s note dec 21 2017 if you are a targeted individual the information presented in this talk may help free you completely from all electronic harassment symptoms this info could also benefit anyone who is suffering from morgellons i just discovered the videos yesterday of a youtuber named lookoutfa, the pretty good house greenbuildingadvisor - energy star leed passivhaus there are many programs with different metrics for determining how green your home is but what elements of green building are important to you when designing and building a home this was the topic recently at our building science discussion group, istartedsomething blog by long zheng user experience - drones quadcopters are like the perfect synergy of my love for photography and technology i treated myself to a dji phantom 3 professional and it is easily one of the best gadgets i ve owned for a long time sorry google glass and apple watch recent generations of quadcopters people don t really like the word drones have made flying so much simpler and safer so, imma thirsty potato dude riot carlton drake x reader pt - dude riot carlton drake x reader pt 2 you spent the next half hour freaking out you were pretty sure that your stress levels had shot up past what you could handle but thankfully you were able to keep from passing out, a sad story of what can happen without a permit natural - our mission the natural building blog is committed to providing free information that will improve people s lives in a sustainable and affordable manner this includes architecture homesteading gardening appropriate technology renewable energy permaculture principles and ecological living, article expired the japan times - the article you have been looking for has expired and is not longer available on our system this is due to newswire licensing terms